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    For those who have a love for casino games but do not have a land based casino nearby or the means with which to travel to one there is a way to enjoy favorite casino games without traveling anywhere. Several PC gaming companies have created software that brings the fun of casino games to players’ homes.

    Most PC gaming companies will make different versions of their casino games software. They will produce different versions of their casino suite software. Casino suite software can be made up of multiple types of casino games along with variations of those types of games. This can include different types of poker and blackjack. It can also include different types of slots games too.

    Other than casino suite software, PC gaming companies will also manufacturer software that focuses on a specific type of casino game, such as slots. In software that is devoted to slots a player can find three reel, five reel or seven reel variations, along with different themes for their slots games.

    Every so often, as technology improves, PC gaming companies will rework their software. This could be as simple as tweaking how the software performs to include a new advancement in how the computer graphics work. Or it could be a complete redesign that gives the games a new overall look; this could mean new themes or more variations added.

    Because PC casino games are not gambling tools, they can be easily obtained from almost any video game store, electronics store where PCs are sold and even stores that have an electronics department. Most retailers will sell PC casino games for $15 and up, and common names on the software consist of Hoyle, Bally Gaming, Reel Deal, IGT Slots and Club Vegas—and there are many, many casino games software out there.

    The only real downside to PC casino games, and this could be applied to any PC game—is that newer versions will be release either because of improved technology or more games being designed and added to the software. This sometimes will force players to purchase the newer software. Over time this can add up dollar-wise.

    Otherwise players have the advantage for enjoying their favorite casino games at home on their PCs. And playing for fun is the limit of PC casino games. Since these games could be purchased by minors, the games are not set up to gamble real money.

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